almost great.

I haven’t posted on here in a long time. I think the last post was done back in September and so much has happened since then, it’s wild. I’ll keep the personal information out of this one but let’s just say I’m a whole different guy than I was in September. Whether that’s a good thing or not, we’ll see but for now I’ll chill with everything. Back on the topics of content creation, wow.  The ads haven’t gotten any better but me being so good with money I’ve been able to keep afloat with savings. I’m finally starting to save up towards moving out and it’s all thanks to Youtube. As much that’s going on with this platform, it has definitely changed my life for the better. Coming from a Chicago ghetto kid with nothing but bad influence around him, I’m glad I was able to find something productive and overall life changing.

Youtube content is a priority still. I’ve separated my Pokemon & NON Pokemon content to two different channels. I feel that it’s better and smarter to scatter out for the variety so people KNOW what they can expect from you. I finally feel comfortable with this decision after so long. I have so many friends with failed side channels, due to several reasons of their own, but that was the fear in me. I saw everybody else doing it and I was scared that I couldn’t do it myself. I don’t have time to feel that way no cause life is different. This is my job.

Twitch content is one of those things where it’s still chill for me. It doesn’t make half or anywhere near half the amount of money I do on Youtube but I do enjoy just the LIVE interaction with viewers. It’s good to see all these different people of different backgrounds come together and mess with what I do. I think what’s dope is actually interacting with them. I have a Subscriber ONLY Discord that I talk to on the daily and it’s pretty much a family in there. I know these voices by name and story now and I never thought that’d be the case. Overall, Twitch content is just the background fun grind for me when Youtube is stressing me out or just when I want to talk to the viewers. I wished more people would come out cause besides the variety in gaming, it’s just cool to talk.

2018 just started and there’s a lot of personal stuff going on that I’m not happy with but overall on the business side of things, I am good. I’ve hit a point of certainty with the content I make, how I approach it, and everything. I even have friends editing my videos now just incase I overwhelm myself. This is what I signed up for, almost great.


Why The Phrase “Doing It For The Money” is stupid.

It’s all about perspective honestly. Most people that use this phrase are young and lack responsibilities that adults have so they won’t be able to understand reasons why certain things are done the way they are. I’ll try to keep this within the areas of Youtube since that’s where majority of my following comes from so keep an open mind and just read.

I remember being 14 years old and attacking older and bigger Youtubers on Twitter and in comments about “click bait” thumbnails and news videos because those videos would get more views and make them so much money and my friends and I were constantly going at them. I was once the remarks I get daily. Eventually around the age of 16, I met the same individuals I used to attack under a different username and actually got to know where their heads were at and something clicked. I understood that these guys knew stuff about this system I had no knowledge of and were using it to their advantage with good reasoning. These are grown people that have families, bills to pay, mouths to feed so who am I to come at them for “doing it for the money”? These were guys I looked up to once I came to that understanding because they had it. The dream job everybody these days strive for, making money off Youtube, they had it and I wanted it too.

So I worked until I hit 17 where I got my first HUGE check off Youtube and I was so happy. This was something I thought would never happen, something that my friends and I would just day dream about, I did it. I got my first phone, upgraded the internet, bought some clothes and I was cool. It was until that became a trend that it finally clicked for me. This was my only source of income. I got more money than my friends working at the mall or at fast food restaurants just by playing video games on the internet. There’s also an amazing feeling when you can help your mother with a huge bill and act like it didn’t dent anything but enough of that I was just feeling myself when I was a teenager.

I’m about to be 21 now and I still pay my bills with Youtube money. I’m able to go to conventions here and there, visit friends across the country, and afford to STAY in those places for a set amount of time. Those news and click bait videos that I used to rag on bigger Youtubers about help keep what I do in life happen. Is it wrong? I guess that’s up to you but the real question is, is it necessary? With Youtube’s climate these days where those OVERHYPED AND ALL CAPPED VIDEOS WITH ARROWS in them prosper and fake personalities shine over the real ones, the answer is yes. So I look back on what I did when I was young and admit that the stuff that I did and said was stupid. You can turn fun into funds and anybody that doesn’t believe that is stupid just like the phrase people throw around.

That’s the end of my rant though. I’ve been staying up a lot and just thinking to myself so I thought I share some of these thoughts with you all for once this time. In other news, THE ROYAL ROUNDTABLE PODCAST STARTS SUNDAY! 2 NEW Let’s Plays start Monday and THEY’RE GOING TO BE HUGE!


It’s been a GOOD minute since I’ve written on this website and that’s only because so much has been going on behind the scenes and I apologize for it. The whole idea behind this site was to basically be my own blog about stuff that ISN’T done on my Youtube Channel and I guess I dropped the ball on that. I’m currently conflicted though because the stuff that I want to cover on here were more than likely going to be discussed and talked about on this project in August. I guess I’ll take the time to update for the Summer since we’re smack dab in the middle.

  1. You already know we got to plan these kind of early but I’m most definitely going to be attending both Pax South and CEO in 2018. San Antonio is such a beautiful city and the convenience of having EVERYTHING around you in walking distance is so amazing. PAX South for me was always the trip before the BIG trip for some people because they attend South and then East months later and not a lot of people go to South so less of me having to go back and forth trying to see everybody and more enjoying the trip, meeting new people and making personal connections with them, and being around my friends. Youtube is such a stressful thing to do yearly so little vacations away from the computer are needed BUT I definitely stay active on my Instagram during these trips because certain moments just need to be shared. CEO is going to be in a different location and this time near a beach and let me tell you I’m so happy. Last time we went to Florida it was so humid and staying inside the hotel room with the air conditioners blasting sounded way more appealing than being in a hall full of sweaty and funky people. This time it’s being held at Daytona Beach and this would be handled in more of a vacation like fashion if anything meaning I’m turning the Youtube filter off and just enjoying time with my friends. I’m so impatient thinking about these trips now since they’re the only trips I’m attending as long as thing “adpocalypse” is going on.
  2.  I’ve been stressing less these days which is amazing to say. Since January, life has been doing this weird turn of negative events happening one day after another but there is this pause happening right now and I’m enjoying every moment of it. I recently binged through Persona 5 and it made everything seem not so important anymore. Everything I stressed over was gone and now I’m just enjoying my Summer. I guess that’s what happens when you play good games, right? There’s just no time for negativity in life right now for me and I hope you find that peace somehow if you’re going through something. I actually had some negative stuff happen to me the other day cause I “stole” a google image and instead of getting so mad and defensive like I’m so used to doing, I turned the other cheek. that’s just where I’m at mentally and it feels amazing.
  3. A LOT of channel projects have been pushed back. Unfortunately stuff that was supposed to go up months ago isn’t looking like they’ll see the light of day until August or September. I guess that’s why I don’t do a lot of collaboration stuff normally BUT I want this year to be all about them and unfortunately instead of the ENTIRE year, it’s looking like it’s only going to be half of it but what can I do? I’m not going to stress people over it though and we can get everything done when it needs to be done.

That’s it, I hope your Summer is going well. I know a good majority of people are going back to school in August and for some it’s their first year in High School or College and others are graduating. GET IT DONE either way! I’m out.


You know that feeling you get when you have a great idea or something you really want to push and put effort in but in the back of your mind there’s that voice telling you not to or you’re afraid of how you’ll be seen? Ignore it! I know that feeling all too well and it sucks but there’s nothing hold you back from potentially prospering besides yourself. It’s funny how I’m the one saying this when I need to practice what I preach the most but give me a few minutes to explain.

I had so many plans and ideas that I would love to do but there was always factors that would prevent me from doing them. Whether it’s myself or the people around me or situations that are out of my control, I always felt held back but something. I learned that some our my most prosperous and happiest moments in life were when I wasn’t thinking in that moment and I just did it. Whatever I wanted to do that would make me happy, I did it. Granted, some of them were at the expense of others I still did them cause in that moment that’s what made me feel good. I found myself caring about how people see me or if certain things would work and I got so stressed because at that point I was beating myself up mentally and getting nothing done. Do you really want to hinder possible growth for yourself?

Anything that you decide to do in life comes with some negativity. There will always be people there to ruin your happiness but it’s up to you to not let that work. You can’t please everybody and not everybody is going to support everything you do. It took me years of hiding behind the “I don’t care” facade to finally accept that because in the end I realized my happiness and my ideas won’t prosper if I’m constantly looking to people for acceptance. Do what makes you happy! Don’t let the voice in your head or the people that don’t care if you win or not get to you either. Stay the course and trust the process.


Well this is something different. It’s not some Youtube advice or a discussion post but who knows if it can spark something in somebody else’s mind so I’ll post it here. I’ll use it as like a checklist as the year goes by and I put all I have in mind to action. Normally I would keep most of my projects and collaborations to myself but I figured since this isn’t just me behind Sacred but a whole following, I could have some input on the stuff I’m looking forward to doing. Not everything is set in stone yet so these are just ideas bouncing from the walls in my head so don’t hold me to it but let’s just hope everything works out the way it needs to!

Now at the time of this post, the only projects going on as of right now are Pokemon XG: Next Gen and Pokemon Adventures: Green Chapter.  I’ve done 9 total Let’s Play projects this entire year and only 6 of them are completed. I’m not going to redo them since I have no interest in the games themselves anymore but I need to find some consistency. For the longest I wanted to stray away from Pokemon but still keep people there with the Rom Hack/Fan Game Let’s Plays and I think I did a successful job. Unfortunately, I’ve done so much Pokemon and made so much money and views off Pokemon that’ll it’ll never get less than the other content I bring to the channel since that’s what I’m most known for. I’ll definitely want to collaborate with my non Pokemon friends more so more outside influences can help affect growth. One of these days I’ll break out of this shell of not asking for help and collaborating with others but I’m trying. I’ve already decided what the next 2 Let’s Plays are and you’ll see them soon enough once the current ones are over with but just be on the lookout. I want to take a break for like a week though since when I came back from PAX East I went on a HUGE push of content till now.  I know it isn’t smart to go on a hiatus with all this ad revenue stuff recently but I guess it got overwhelming for me to have 2 uploads a day, ricochet the Let’s Plays back and forth, and still have something you guys could be apart of like Dokkan Battle or Smash Tap. It got to a point where I just started rushing out content and I felt like trash for it because I was in the mood and out of nowhere it was gone. I’ve also decided to drop the Reactions for My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Super and just do reviews of the episodes instead. I tried it for like a week or 2 but the reception has been negative but the views have been great. I’ll just take whatever traffic I get off the reviews and use that to promote the other content, I’m not going to stress over those as much.

For future projects though, I definitely want to do a Podcast. Since I was like 18, I’ve always wanted to do one and eventually it becomes like a Panel at events and potentially something bigger. I wanted to have a group of people with different fan bases that could contribute to it but nobody saw the long term vision and it was scrapped but since I’ve left that group of people I’ve surrounded myself with most of the people that still want to do it I thought I may as well continue. It would be every Sunday with multiple discussions that could go on for an hour or two about Gaming & Youtube. I want to have it live streamed and uploaded to Youtube so we can have LIVE interaction along with discussions in the comments surrounding the topics in the podcast. I’ve seen so many good discussions and just communities built off Podcasts that it would be AMAZING to do one. It’ll happened eventually I just need to stop being lazy and get everybody in mind assembled.

I want to start pushing Twitch more also. With recent events in Youtube, it’s only right to use my already partnered channel to expand me. I just don’t know what to stream sometimes. Overwatch is fine and all, grinding in Mobile games for the channel are cool but I just want to find a game I can commit to actually finishing. I guess I should keep myself a list of games I want to play and just say “screw it” and get to it! If people want to donate, follow, or subscribe is all on them and I shouldn’t feel pressured or discouraged when they don’t. i’m not trying to stick to one thing only with any of the content make cause then I just become unhappy and end up not knowing what to do.

Other than that, that’s it. It was cool doing this and venting my plans out to somebody besides myself so if anybody reads this and have some input it’s much appreciated. I definitely want to hear from the subscribers on what THEY want to see and hear feedback on what I have planned. Thanks so much for reading! :]

More often.

YO! It’s been a while since I actually used this website BUT since all this recent Youtube and Twitch transitions I thought it’d be cool to start using it again as the central platform for all my social medias outlets. I went ahead and changed every link in my bios to the actual website link so it’s definitely time to see where this goes. I use my Tumblr for more PERSONAL blog type post and since Twitter is like a instant 140 character thing I didn’t have any other outlet so WHY NOT MY website that my mom got me? Anyway, this is just me saying I’ll use this more often, thank you for coming through and reading this and checking out the site since IT’S STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION but we’ll reach perfection eventually.