I know I haven’t posted here since July where I was MAD excited about everything that has happened already in August and finishing up in September but I have a GOOD reason, trust me. Side Note; It’s my Birthday on the 17th! I’m about to be 21 and coming from a city where it’s rare to see a black dude hit 21, it’s wiiild thinking about it. I’ve just been working honestly. That’s my only reason for barely updating this website and it’s true once you look into everything that’s started. In terms of life and such, I’m perfectly fine. There hasn’t been anything to stress over in the past couple months and that’s so NEW to me. I made an update video regarding the topics in this post but people are so fickle when it comes to channel updates (for some reason still) and I’m ALWAYS thinking about Youtube. Twitch here’s some thoughts on what’s already happening now that we’re HERE;

Now that’s A LOT seeing as each project takes so much to make to get the actual product out. The Pokemon Normal Nuzlocke with Nappy has been in the works for a whole year and it’s finally out. I know a lot of people stopped watching cause let’s face it, THE GAME IS BAD, but when I read people in the comments saying things like “Y’all gotta come back and do a better game” and “Nick and Nappy make this game bearable to watch” it’s like “YES! They love the duo and how the personalities mesh”. That was always something on my mind cause it was like Me and Nexus can do something and it’d be fine but this & next year I’m definitely stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to collaborations and since Nappy and I have known each other for YEARS and our commentary is so different just seeing people enjoy it makes me feel accomplished like even though this game is bad, the project itself was entertaining off the strength of the commentary.

The Red Randomizer Nuzlocke has been a thing since the beginning of the Summer. We always tell everybody that most of these projects are planned out and we’re not lying. If I’m being honest, nobody was supposed to see that project till October. Me and Supra were sitting in a call and he called me a pussy if I didn’t published it and you know I got to prove people wrong so I just did it. People have actually been waiting for Nexus, Supra, and I to do stuff together for a minute but I’m pretty sure you’ll love everything that’s planned out from the 3 of us. Just wait on it, is all I’m going to say.

The Podcast is already off to a bumpy but cool start. I didn’t and don’t expect people to rock with the idea of a group of people talking about multiple topics if not one in specific that ISN’T what they subscribed for but it’s a different form of content creation & bigger than the content I make so I’m sure in due time, the podcast will cultivate it’s own cult following and it’ll do better numbers in time. It’s all about building, not the right away grind with me. It’s always how me and my channel have been these past couple years if you paid attention. That slow grind will pay off in the end I just know it. I’ve been debating topics in my head and since the gaming season is literally here it’s so much to talk about. I eventually want to get guest and do interviews with big faces in the different communities I know of. It’s up from here with this podcast idea and I’m so excited about it.

If I’m being honest with you, I’m done with the ORAS Nuzlocke. I tried to give the game another shot but I just can’t play those games. They’re not enjoyable to me even if they ARE randomized and even the drop in views show it isn’t for the subs either. Ah well, no use crying over spilled milk. More content to come.

Like I said, other than content on Youtube I’m pretty content in life. I mean in the sense of everything being peaceful right now. I’m enjoying the peace and just working on the channel and myself before something comes and kills my mood. I really do think about the channel a lot now that I look at all I wrote but hey, it’s my job. I FOUGHT my parents and family for this stuff to be so now I may as well go in, ya know? So many people are back to school and I’m just trying to be apart of that “I watch you when I come back from school/work” group, YA FEEEEEEEL MEEEEE!? That is all.


My Hero Academia: Smash Tap!

I’m pretty sure we ALL want a My Hero Academia game. Ever since Season 1 of the anime, everybody has been on the hype train and constantly supporting the series and that’s great! It let’s the higher ups know that this is what we want. Now unfortunately there hasn’t been an OFFICIAL My Hero Academia game for consoles BUT there is a Japanese mobile game for iOS and Android devices out there you can check out and it’s pretty simple to understand! No clue on whether or not it’s getting a Global release but I’m pretty sure somewhere in the future there will be one if it does good over there. Japan now has two My Hero Academia games (My Hero Academia: Smash Tap and My Hero Academia: Battle For All) and we have zero. Here’s hoping that we get something announced at E3 or Jump Festa because I know Bandai Namco is cooking up something! We just have to wait.

Youtube: Optimization Tips for 2017!

I’m pretty sure we all want to show up on search for people to see our videos. Big or small, we all want the same thing, views. I’ve made some tips you can use in your videos that I’m sure you have probably seen bigger Content Creators on Youtube use in recent videos that should help you get more out there for your channel to grow. I do not recommend going back to old videos and making any changes, I would just encourage you to keep the below in mind moving forward. Changing previous videos will cause your channel to be re-indexed and may negatively impact views.

See below for some notes! KEEP IN MIND that this is for the general Youtube channels out there and it may change for whatever genre your channel is. I’m pretty sure everybody is smart enough to change a few things around where it fits themselves but don’t worry I got you!


TITLES: The order of the words in a title does not matter as much as it used to, the first three words can be used to ‘entice the viewer’  (for example, “WORST DAY EVER!” or “WE DID IT!” to grab their attention), followed by key terms, important phrases, etc. Be sure to include words or phrases that summarize your video, if it discusses a specific trending topic, challenge, game, current event, etc, definitely include in the title.

 Tags matter once again! Include up to 500 characters worth of tags, but use the most important three key words first. Google’s Keyword Planner can help, you can also explore VidIQ. Try to think of the types of terms and phrases people might use to search for content like yours, you can even include common misspellings, etc.

DESCRIPTIONS: The description has a 5000 character limit, and I would follow the below structure moving forward as closely as possible. Again, be sure to include LOTS of key words that match your title and tags!

First Line: Description Text of Video Content
Second Line: Continued description, separate sentence
Third Line: Social CTA or Subscription Call to Action

Paragraph: 4-5 sentences about the video; include keywords or phrases that are likely to be searched for.

Video Links: Include 3 titles and links to relevant related videos

Social Links: Include titles and links to each of your social accounts

Creator Bio: Include short form bio about your channel

Business Inquiries: Contact form or email


WORST DAY EVER | Disneyland Family Trip Fail | Mickey and Minnie Fight My Dad

I can’t believe what happened on our most recent Disneyland family trip.
Who would have thought Mickey and Minnie could get angry?!
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Today I took my family to Disneyland and California Adventure. During Mickey’s Holiday Parade, Mickey and Minnie fell off the float. My dad decided it would be funny to shout “It’s Winter, Not Fall!”, which led Mickey, Minnie and Goofy to confront him. Donald Duck took a swing at him. I’ve never been more embarrassed at the Happiest Place on Earth.

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Business Inquiries:

POSSIBLE TAGS: disneyland, disneyland fail, disneyland parade fail, bloopers, fight, amusement park fight, crazy dad, crazy father, disneyland (amusement park), mickey’s holiday parade, minnie, mickey


Hope you find some of this helpful! Let me know if you have any questions.

Youtube: Branching Outside The Comfort Zone.

This title isn’t even enough for all I’m going to get into but I’ll try to put as much information in this for any Youtuber having issues with branching out to different avenues of content outside their comfort zone and tackling that doubt that not everybody is going to watch. I’ll leave some tips to help anybody in need below but let’s try to start from the beginning.

When I was young, I didn’t think I’d be getting views and different opportunities off just playing Pokemon. It really just happened to get views so I kept uploading it as much as possible and the people I’ve met along the way soon followed. At one point I started to feel trapped in a box with my channel because at the time there was Dragon Ball Xenoverse coming out, Dragon Ball Super getting announced, and then Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution coming out near my birthday. There really was a sudden WANT to upload content on other stuff besides Pokemon that I just started feeling frustrated at my own channel. The best piece of advice I can give you when you feel that feeling of not being able to do what you want is just do it.

When you look at channels at the top with over millions of subscribers you start to notice they don’t stick to 1 type of content or a specific franchise. Anybody can grab an indie game and be the next PewdiePie or Markiplier but that takes something a lot of people seem to lack nowadays and that’s patience. There’s something a lot of people won’t tell you when it comes to branching out of that comfort zone and it sucks that people try to ignore it but your channel will slow down. Unless you get really lucky and build that audience while you’re still a small channel, not everybody is going to watch ALL the new types of content you upload. You may be a Pokemon only channel at 50,000 subscribers pulling in between 1,000 – 5,000 views per video on a NON Pokemon video and then 5,000 – 10,000 on a normal Let’s Play episode, Collaboration project or, Online battle.

Now I’m not saying ALL channels are like that, it just depends on the creator and how they build their audience. Some people have it lucky to where they still pull the same amount of views on every video but that’s the rare minority. If you branch out, you appeal to a broader audience therefore more traffic to your channel from different communities and then more subscribers. When I FINALLY took that leap of faith to do those Anime games, I met so many amazing people (Rhymestyle, AfroSenju, Toastie, OmegaPro) that welcomed me with open arms to their community and as I became friends with them, I became more comfortable uploading their type of content. I would have never met those people and been able to branch out to their communities if I hadn’t taken that risk that my channel might slow down or die. Just do it!

Here are some tips;

  • Tag your videos so that they resemble important keywords in the title and description.
  • Find something that isn’t TOO FAR away from what you’re used to so nothing is forced on the subscriber.
  • Talk with your subscribers! Let them know this is what you want to do and take whatever suggestions they give you and execute it.
  • Try a different style of video/editing on the new content. Things like Top 5’s, random Speculations, or News videos always seem to get new people in while informing the older subscribers that this is the direction you’ve chosen.
  • PRACTICE PATIENCE! Remember not everybody is going to watch the content and if it gets really bad, have another upload ready with what you’re accustomed to and you’ll be fine!
  • Do things with your friends! I think the easiest way to branch out is with a friend your channel is used to seeing playing it with you. For example, for me it was NumbNexus.

In the end, all it takes is patience. Be bold and brave when you take that leap of faith. Know how to optimize your videos so they show up on these various search menus and be honest with your subscribers cause in they end they enjoy your content for you and want to see YOU happy so if sticking to one thing is making you unhappy then tell them because chances are they’ll embrace it more than hate it, It’s all about execution! Thanks so much for reading, hopefully it helps!

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom [Thoughts]

I remember getting up in the morning and receiving a business email offering me a chance to get a review copy of Shiness: the lightning kingdom and I accepted it. I was able to get 2 copies so my friend Mikey and I could play it together and I was not disappointed. Shiness is an Action RPG title for the X Box One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It gives off a Avatar: The Last Airbender-ish vibe when it comes to the environment and I personally LOVE IT. The feel of the game is very similar to an old PS2 game but obviously for the newer generation consoles.

What I like most about it is the immersive universe it has. The characters themselves and just the way the game opens up is capturing. You start off with a cinematic explaining of the main character, Chado, and his companion, Poky, caught in a storm and crashing into a war and eventually exploring the area and meeting the rest of the main cast and eventually visiting other countries WHILE being hunted. One thing I also got to applaud it on are the puzzles. Remember when I said it had a PS2 feel? Well yea, it has those same RPG complicated puzzles and just the settings where they’re placed look amazing!

Now onto the gripes. Now I enjoy playing through Shiness. It’s a refreshing Indie title BUT I have to point out probably the biggest flaw and that is the battle system. You walk around in a team of 3 but it’s 1v1 format with the ability to switch in and out. The Gameplay is stiff. I thought to myself if I got through the beginning at some point it would get better and more easier to move around and connect better combos but nope. I will say the Spells you can use in the battles are unique where the arenas change color and the color powers up your magic. Other than that I haven’t found anything else to gripe with.

I guess that’s my 2 cents on the game. I will continue to play it to see how everything unfolds with the story but in terms of just gameplay there’s nothing else much to talk about. I highly recommend picking it up if you see it anywhere in stores or the online shop!