I haven’t posted on here in a long time. I think the last post was done back in September and so much has happened since then, it’s wild. I’ll keep the personal information out of this one but let’s just say I’m a whole different guy than I was in September. Whether that’s a good thing or not, we’ll see but for now I’ll chill with everything. Back on the topics of content creation, wow.  The ads haven’t gotten any better but me being so good with money I’ve been able to keep afloat with savings. I’m finally starting to save up towards moving out and it’s all thanks to Youtube. As much that’s going on with this platform, it has definitely changed my life for the better. Coming from a Chicago ghetto kid with nothing but bad influence around him, I’m glad I was able to find something productive and overall life changing.

Youtube content is a priority still. I’ve separated my Pokemon & NON Pokemon content to two different channels. I feel that it’s better and smarter to scatter out for the variety so people KNOW what they can expect from you. I finally feel comfortable with this decision after so long. I have so many friends with failed side channels, due to several reasons of their own, but that was the fear in me. I saw everybody else doing it and I was scared that I couldn’t do it myself. I don’t have time to feel that way no cause life is different. This is my job.

Twitch content is one of those things where it’s still chill for me. It doesn’t make half or anywhere near half the amount of money I do on Youtube but I do enjoy just the LIVE interaction with viewers. It’s good to see all these different people of different backgrounds come together and mess with what I do. I think what’s dope is actually interacting with them. I have a Subscriber ONLY Discord that I talk to on the daily and it’s pretty much a family in there. I know these voices by name and story now and I never thought that’d be the case. Overall, Twitch content is just the background fun grind for me when Youtube is stressing me out or just when I want to talk to the viewers. I wished more people would come out cause besides the variety in gaming, it’s just cool to talk.

2018 just started and there’s a lot of personal stuff going on that I’m not happy with but overall on the business side of things, I am good. I’ve hit a point of certainty with the content I make, how I approach it, and everything. I even have friends editing my videos now just incase I overwhelm myself. This is what I signed up for, almost great.


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