It’s all about perspective honestly. Most people that use this phrase are young and lack responsibilities that adults have so they won’t be able to understand reasons why certain things are done the way they are. I’ll try to keep this within the areas of Youtube since that’s where majority of my following comes from so keep an open mind and just read.

I remember being 14 years old and attacking older and bigger Youtubers on Twitter and in comments about “click bait” thumbnails and news videos because those videos would get more views and make them so much money and my friends and I were constantly going at them. I was once the remarks I get daily. Eventually around the age of 16, I met the same individuals I used to attack under a different username and actually got to know where their heads were at and something clicked. I understood that these guys knew stuff about this system I had no knowledge of and were using it to their advantage with good reasoning. These are grown people that have families, bills to pay, mouths to feed so who am I to come at them for “doing it for the money”? These were guys I looked up to once I came to that understanding because they had it. The dream job everybody these days strive for, making money off Youtube, they had it and I wanted it too.

So I worked until I hit 17 where I got my first HUGE check off Youtube and I was so happy. This was something I thought would never happen, something that my friends and I would just day dream about, I did it. I got my first phone, upgraded the internet, bought some clothes and I was cool. It was until that became a trend that it finally clicked for me. This was my only source of income. I got more money than my friends working at the mall or at fast food restaurants just by playing video games on the internet. There’s also an amazing feeling when you can help your mother with a huge bill and act like it didn’t dent anything but enough of that I was just feeling myself when I was a teenager.

I’m about to be 21 now and I still pay my bills with Youtube money. I’m able to go to conventions here and there, visit friends across the country, and afford to STAY in those places for a set amount of time. Those news and click bait videos that I used to rag on bigger Youtubers about help keep what I do in life happen. Is it wrong? I guess that’s up to you but the real question is, is it necessary? With Youtube’s climate these days where those OVERHYPED AND ALL CAPPED VIDEOS WITH ARROWS in them prosper and fake personalities shine over the real ones, the answer is yes. So I look back on what I did when I was young and admit that the stuff that I did and said was stupid. You can turn fun into funds and anybody that doesn’t believe that is stupid just like the phrase people throw around.

That’s the end of my rant though. I’ve been staying up a lot and just thinking to myself so I thought I share some of these thoughts with you all for once this time. In other news, THE ROYAL ROUNDTABLE PODCAST STARTS SUNDAY! 2 NEW Let’s Plays start Monday and THEY’RE GOING TO BE HUGE!


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