It’s been a GOOD minute since I’ve written on this website and that’s only because so much has been going on behind the scenes and I apologize for it. The whole idea behind this site was to basically be my own blog about stuff that ISN’T done on my Youtube Channel and I guess I dropped the ball on that. I’m currently conflicted though because the stuff that I want to cover on here were more than likely going to be discussed and talked about on this project in August. I guess I’ll take the time to update for the Summer since we’re smack dab in the middle.

  1. You already know we got to plan these kind of early but I’m most definitely going to be attending both Pax South and CEO in 2018. San Antonio is such a beautiful city and the convenience of having EVERYTHING around you in walking distance is so amazing. PAX South for me was always the trip before the BIG trip for some people because they attend South and then East months later and not a lot of people go to South so less of me having to go back and forth trying to see everybody and more enjoying the trip, meeting new people and making personal connections with them, and being around my friends. Youtube is such a stressful thing to do yearly so little vacations away from the computer are needed BUT I definitely stay active on my Instagram during these trips because certain moments just need to be shared. CEO is going to be in a different location and this time near a beach and let me tell you I’m so happy. Last time we went to Florida it was so humid and staying inside the hotel room with the air conditioners blasting sounded way more appealing than being in a hall full of sweaty and funky people. This time it’s being held at Daytona Beach and this would be handled in more of a vacation like fashion if anything meaning I’m turning the Youtube filter off and just enjoying time with my friends. I’m so impatient thinking about these trips now since they’re the only trips I’m attending as long as thing “adpocalypse” is going on.
  2.  I’ve been stressing less these days which is amazing to say. Since January, life has been doing this weird turn of negative events happening one day after another but there is this pause happening right now and I’m enjoying every moment of it. I recently binged through Persona 5 and it made everything seem not so important anymore. Everything I stressed over was gone and now I’m just enjoying my Summer. I guess that’s what happens when you play good games, right? There’s just no time for negativity in life right now for me and I hope you find that peace somehow if you’re going through something. I actually had some negative stuff happen to me the other day cause I “stole” a google image and instead of getting so mad and defensive like I’m so used to doing, I turned the other cheek. that’s just where I’m at mentally and it feels amazing.
  3. A LOT of channel projects have been pushed back. Unfortunately stuff that was supposed to go up months ago isn’t looking like they’ll see the light of day until August or September. I guess that’s why I don’t do a lot of collaboration stuff normally BUT I want this year to be all about them and unfortunately instead of the ENTIRE year, it’s looking like it’s only going to be half of it but what can I do? I’m not going to stress people over it though and we can get everything done when it needs to be done.

That’s it, I hope your Summer is going well. I know a good majority of people are going back to school in August and for some it’s their first year in High School or College and others are graduating. GET IT DONE either way! I’m out.


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