You know that feeling you get when you have a great idea or something you really want to push and put effort in but in the back of your mind there’s that voice telling you not to or you’re afraid of how you’ll be seen? Ignore it! I know that feeling all too well and it sucks but there’s nothing hold you back from potentially prospering besides yourself. It’s funny how I’m the one saying this when I need to practice what I preach the most but give me a few minutes to explain.

I had so many plans and ideas that I would love to do but there was always factors that would prevent me from doing them. Whether it’s myself or the people around me or situations that are out of my control, I always felt held back but something. I learned that some our my most prosperous and happiest moments in life were when I wasn’t thinking in that moment and I just did it. Whatever I wanted to do that would make me happy, I did it. Granted, some of them were at the expense of others I still did them cause in that moment that’s what made me feel good. I found myself caring about how people see me or if certain things would work and I got so stressed because at that point I was beating myself up mentally and getting nothing done. Do you really want to hinder possible growth for yourself?

Anything that you decide to do in life comes with some negativity. There will always be people there to ruin your happiness but it’s up to you to not let that work. You can’t please everybody and not everybody is going to support everything you do. It took me years of hiding behind the “I don’t care” facade to finally accept that because in the end I realized my happiness and my ideas won’t prosper if I’m constantly looking to people for acceptance. Do what makes you happy! Don’t let the voice in your head or the people that don’t care if you win or not get to you either. Stay the course and trust the process.


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