Well this is something different. It’s not some Youtube advice or a discussion post but who knows if it can spark something in somebody else’s mind so I’ll post it here. I’ll use it as like a checklist as the year goes by and I put all I have in mind to action. Normally I would keep most of my projects and collaborations to myself but I figured since this isn’t just me behind Sacred but a whole following, I could have some input on the stuff I’m looking forward to doing. Not everything is set in stone yet so these are just ideas bouncing from the walls in my head so don’t hold me to it but let’s just hope everything works out the way it needs to!

Now at the time of this post, the only projects going on as of right now are Pokemon XG: Next Gen and Pokemon Adventures: Green Chapter.  I’ve done 9 total Let’s Play projects this entire year and only 6 of them are completed. I’m not going to redo them since I have no interest in the games themselves anymore but I need to find some consistency. For the longest I wanted to stray away from Pokemon but still keep people there with the Rom Hack/Fan Game Let’s Plays and I think I did a successful job. Unfortunately, I’ve done so much Pokemon and made so much money and views off Pokemon that’ll it’ll never get less than the other content I bring to the channel since that’s what I’m most known for. I’ll definitely want to collaborate with my non Pokemon friends more so more outside influences can help affect growth. One of these days I’ll break out of this shell of not asking for help and collaborating with others but I’m trying. I’ve already decided what the next 2 Let’s Plays are and you’ll see them soon enough once the current ones are over with but just be on the lookout. I want to take a break for like a week though since when I came back from PAX East I went on a HUGE push of content till now.  I know it isn’t smart to go on a hiatus with all this ad revenue stuff recently but I guess it got overwhelming for me to have 2 uploads a day, ricochet the Let’s Plays back and forth, and still have something you guys could be apart of like Dokkan Battle or Smash Tap. It got to a point where I just started rushing out content and I felt like trash for it because I was in the mood and out of nowhere it was gone. I’ve also decided to drop the Reactions for My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball Super and just do reviews of the episodes instead. I tried it for like a week or 2 but the reception has been negative but the views have been great. I’ll just take whatever traffic I get off the reviews and use that to promote the other content, I’m not going to stress over those as much.

For future projects though, I definitely want to do a Podcast. Since I was like 18, I’ve always wanted to do one and eventually it becomes like a Panel at events and potentially something bigger. I wanted to have a group of people with different fan bases that could contribute to it but nobody saw the long term vision and it was scrapped but since I’ve left that group of people I’ve surrounded myself with most of the people that still want to do it I thought I may as well continue. It would be every Sunday with multiple discussions that could go on for an hour or two about Gaming & Youtube. I want to have it live streamed and uploaded to Youtube so we can have LIVE interaction along with discussions in the comments surrounding the topics in the podcast. I’ve seen so many good discussions and just communities built off Podcasts that it would be AMAZING to do one. It’ll happened eventually I just need to stop being lazy and get everybody in mind assembled.

I want to start pushing Twitch more also. With recent events in Youtube, it’s only right to use my already partnered channel to expand me. I just don’t know what to stream sometimes. Overwatch is fine and all, grinding in Mobile games for the channel are cool but I just want to find a game I can commit to actually finishing. I guess I should keep myself a list of games I want to play and just say “screw it” and get to it! If people want to donate, follow, or subscribe is all on them and I shouldn’t feel pressured or discouraged when they don’t. i’m not trying to stick to one thing only with any of the content make cause then I just become unhappy and end up not knowing what to do.

Other than that, that’s it. It was cool doing this and venting my plans out to somebody besides myself so if anybody reads this and have some input it’s much appreciated. I definitely want to hear from the subscribers on what THEY want to see and hear feedback on what I have planned. Thanks so much for reading! :]


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