I’m pretty sure we all want to show up on search for people to see our videos. Big or small, we all want the same thing, views. I’ve made some tips you can use in your videos that I’m sure you have probably seen bigger Content Creators on Youtube use in recent videos that should help you get more out there for your channel to grow. I do not recommend going back to old videos and making any changes, I would just encourage you to keep the below in mind moving forward. Changing previous videos will cause your channel to be re-indexed and may negatively impact views.

See below for some notes! KEEP IN MIND that this is for the general Youtube channels out there and it may change for whatever genre your channel is. I’m pretty sure everybody is smart enough to change a few things around where it fits themselves but don’t worry I got you!


TITLES: The order of the words in a title does not matter as much as it used to, the first three words can be used to ‘entice the viewer’  (for example, “WORST DAY EVER!” or “WE DID IT!” to grab their attention), followed by key terms, important phrases, etc. Be sure to include words or phrases that summarize your video, if it discusses a specific trending topic, challenge, game, current event, etc, definitely include in the title.

 Tags matter once again! Include up to 500 characters worth of tags, but use the most important three key words first. Google’s Keyword Planner can help, you can also explore VidIQ. Try to think of the types of terms and phrases people might use to search for content like yours, you can even include common misspellings, etc.

DESCRIPTIONS: The description has a 5000 character limit, and I would follow the below structure moving forward as closely as possible. Again, be sure to include LOTS of key words that match your title and tags!

First Line: Description Text of Video Content
Second Line: Continued description, separate sentence
Third Line: Social CTA or Subscription Call to Action

Paragraph: 4-5 sentences about the video; include keywords or phrases that are likely to be searched for.

Video Links: Include 3 titles and links to relevant related videos

Social Links: Include titles and links to each of your social accounts

Creator Bio: Include short form bio about your channel

Business Inquiries: Contact form or email


WORST DAY EVER | Disneyland Family Trip Fail | Mickey and Minnie Fight My Dad

I can’t believe what happened on our most recent Disneyland family trip.
Who would have thought Mickey and Minnie could get angry?!
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Today I took my family to Disneyland and California Adventure. During Mickey’s Holiday Parade, Mickey and Minnie fell off the float. My dad decided it would be funny to shout “It’s Winter, Not Fall!”, which led Mickey, Minnie and Goofy to confront him. Donald Duck took a swing at him. I’ve never been more embarrassed at the Happiest Place on Earth.

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Business Inquiries: contact@me.com

POSSIBLE TAGS: disneyland, disneyland fail, disneyland parade fail, bloopers, fight, amusement park fight, crazy dad, crazy father, disneyland (amusement park), mickey’s holiday parade, minnie, mickey


Hope you find some of this helpful! Let me know if you have any questions.


3 thoughts on “Youtube: Optimization Tips for 2017!

  1. Sacred these are great tips pimp i gotta give you credits this is dope !! you gotta those who made it to a certain point higher then others but still help others join the wave!

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